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Administrative/Legal Virtual Packages

The administrative/legal virtual packages are intended for law firms, start-ups, small businesses and nonprofit organizations seeking to contract a Virtual Assistant. A Couture Client Concierge will help you choose the best plan that will be tailored to meet your specific business needs. 


Our virtual plans are on a month-to-month basis. As your business needs change you can upgrade or scale down your plan at any time.  All virtual plan hours will rollover until used, with the exception of the Virtual Las Vegas plan. Any hours that rollover need to be used by the next billing cycle.

If you need services such as form preparation, translations, interpretation, notary services, consulting services or another service please contact us to speak with a Couture Client Concierge.

Virtual Omaha Plan

Minimum 2 Hours

$60 Per Hour

Virtual Las Vegas Plan

10 Hours

$500 Per Month

Virtual Miami Plan

20 Hours

$1,020 Per Month

Virtual Los Angeles Plan

40 Hours

$1,850 Per Month

Virtual New York  Plan

80 Hours

$3,200 Per Month

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